Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Motorola CLIQ MB200 – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the audio jack

Turning over your phone, place two fingers on the back cover and apply pressure away from the camera to slide the back cover off.
Pinch the battery pull tab located below the camera, pull it upwards, and remove the battery.
The pull tab may be tucked under the battery.
Wedge a plastic opening tool behind the panel covering the camera, pry it up, and remove it using your fingers.
The panel is held down by adhesive and may require you to wedge and pry the right side of the panel before it can be easily removed.
Remove the six 4.0 mm T4 Torx screws which line the edge of the back of the phone.
Turn the phone over and slide out the keyboard.
Wedge a plastic opening tool where the keyboard meets the back casing of the phone next to the headphone jack.
Carefully pry open the back casing along the keyboard's edge until at least two corners of the back casing are separated from the keyboard.
Do not fully separate the rear panel from the phone. A cable is connecting the two parts together.
Carefully separate the back casing from the rest of the phone.
Gently pry ZIF connector upwards using the flat end of a spudger tool.
The ZIF connector is glued down. Be gentle! Ripping it off or breaking it will make your phone inoperable.
You may need adhesive to keep your power cable in place when reassembling your phone.
Press your thumb against the orange power cable and pull it down slowly to disconnect the power cable from the bottom of the keyboard.
The rear casing and the rest of the phone should now be completely separated.
Gently insert the plastic spudger into the audio jack and pry upwards.
Using your fingers, lift the audio jack out of its bracket.