Friday, January 06, 2017

HTC SMT 6175 – Disassembling procedure – How to remove the mother board

Flip the phone around so that the camera and back face you.
With both thumbs, push the back case down and away from yourself.
Lift the case away from the rest of the phone.
Insert a thumb or finger of choice into the notch above the battery. Pull the battery away from the rest of the phone.
To remove the back casing inside the phone, unscrew the 6 screws, using a small pentagonal screwdriver head, that are around the perimeter of the phone.
Carefully pull off black casing.
Warning: This can be difficult, but just start pulling the back out from the front shell. As it starts to lift up, continue moving around the phone until the whole back becomes free.
Next unscrew the top screw using a small philips screwdriver. You are now able to pull the motherboard back.
Be CAREFUL because the LCD screen is still attached to the front side of the motherboard by a flexible ribbon cable and to the front case by an adhesive.
Using a spudger, remove the display screen from its cell within the front case by inserting the spudger next to the LCD on the opposite side of the side where the motherboard is attatched.
The LCD is attached with a sticky adhesive so it might be difficult to get off.
Place motherboard down on top of LCD. Using tweezers, remove the yellow piece of tape covering the end of the flat ribbon cable.
Peel off the silver tape covering the flat ribbon cable. The motherboard is now free from the rest of the phone.
The sticky gray tape might have to ripped it in order to be removed, due to its extremely sticky properties.