Monday, January 09, 2017

HTC Desire V – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the mother board – Mobiles and smartphone repair and service

Gently pry back cover away from phone.
If you are having difficulty you may need to use a Spudger or plastic opener.
Lever the battery out from the bottom end first.
If you have trouble you can use the opening tools or the spudger again.
Unscrew five 3.0 mm black torx screws at the positions circled in orange.
Use a Torx T5 screwdriver.
Using an opening tool or a spudger, gently remove the plastic back cover.
Remove the connector on left side of the Navigation board by unplugging/prying the orange ribbon.
Use a spudger or the opening tools if you have trouble disconnecting.
Gently unplug and remove aerial cable (black antenna) from bottom plug.
If you lack usable nails, you will need tweezers.
Now Board will be stuck down by glue.
Pull gently from the right end of the board, being careful of it's flexibility.
Unplug the vibration motor shown from the white plug on the motherboard.
You will probably need tweezers to do this.
Gently remove the motor from its housing in the phone’s chassis.
The easiest way to do this is to lever the motor out by its rotating end using the tweezers.
You should see a black ribbon cable, which was connected at the left to the Nav board, and on the right, to a gold ribbon cable which goes to the screen.
Unlock the gold ribbon cable connecting screen to logic board by lifting the locking tab at the back of the socket.
For this you may wish to use a spudger or tweezers.
Disconnect gold ribbon cable connecting screen to logic board by pulling cable out gently.
Gently unstick black ribbon cable from the chassis.
Unscrew the 2mm silver screw from top left.
Use a Phillips PH00 Screwdriver for this.
Gently pry logic board from the casing by lifting the left side up, as if there was a hinge on the right, folding it over the right edge where you will see a gold/orange ribbon cable.
Remove the gold ribbon cable by lifting tab at the back of the socket, using a spudger or tweezers.
Gently pull the logic board to the right and it will disconnect from the chassis.
Note that the rear side of the black ribbon cable is gold, use a spudger or an opening tool to gently disconnect it from the motherboard by levering it up at the right side.
Gently unplug and remove antenna cable (black antenna) from socket beside the ribbon cable.
If you lack usable nails, you will need tweezers.
Locate the camera.
Lift the locking tab at the back of the connector for the camera using tweezers or opening tools.
Preferably using tweezers, gently pull the camera assembly up from the motherboard, and away from the connector and the ribbon cable will slide out easily.