Sunday, January 08, 2017

Fire HD 8 – Disassembling procedure – Tablets repair and service

Heat the edges of the screen with a heat gun on the lowest setting by using sweeping motions.
Make sure you use sweeping motions with the heat gun, instead of hovering over one area.
After 1-2 minutes, use a plastic opening tool to pry the screen loose. Start at the top right corner and gently pry the screen from the device.
Be careful not to bend the screen by pushing it too far from the rest of the device.
Slide a plastic opening tool and spudger along the underside of the screen using enough force to peel the screen and the adhesive strip from the other half of the device.
Be mindful of the orange cable connecting the screen to the mid-bottom of the device.
To remove the screen from the device, use tweezers to gently pull the orange cable from its connection to the screen.
Using tweezers, carefully lift the copper strip from the right side of the speaker.
Remove the two screws located on the top left and bottom right of the speaker using a T4 screwdriver.
Lift the right side of the speaker and carefully unhook and remove it from the device.
Be mindful of the white wire connecting the speaker to the device.
Set aside the black speaker and follow the white wire to its connection on the upper left side of the motherboard.
Using tweezers, gently pry the black clip upward from the board.