Friday, January 06, 2017

Bose SoundDock XT – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the speakers

Remove six 10 mm length screws from the bottom panel of the SoundDock XT using a #1 Phillips screwdriver.
Remove the Front Panel, use a #2 Phillips screwdriver to remove the two 6.5 mm length front panel screws located under the bottom cover (highlighted in red circles in the photo).
Next, use a plastic opening tool to slide under the edge of the front cover. Start edge located at the top of the left or right speaker and work your way around the speaker.
Remove the front cover.
Use a wide nose tweezer to remove six rubber grommets from the front of the SoundDock XT.
Using pointed tweezers may damage the rubber grommet.
Use a #2 screwdriver to remove the six 8.5 mm length screws from the speaker cover.
Using a metal spudger, slide between the outer case and the front speaker cover. Work your way around the cover and remove the speaker cover. You now have access to the speakers.
Using the metal spudger may damage the plastic speaker cover.
Lift back cover to reveal the speakers. This is what you should be able to see once you have completed the above steps.
Remove the four 8.5 mm retaining screws using a # 2 phillips screwdriver.
Record the placement of the wires on the speaker to be replaced.
Using side cut pliers, cut the yellow and red wire from the two posts on the speaker.
Using a hot soldering iron, remove the black wire from the speaker.
Soldering iron may damage the device if used improperly or on incorrect area.
Solder the black wire onto the new speaker.
Soldering iron may damage the device if used improperly or on incorrect area.
Place and secure the new speaker using the four 8.5 mm # 2 screws.
Using a 12 gauge wire wrapping tool, secure the yellow and red wire to the proper post as recorded earlier.
If wire wrap tool is not available, You can secure the wire to the post by soldering the wire to the post.
Reassemble the SoundDock