Tuesday, January 03, 2017

BLU Mobiles - BLU Dash JR D140 – Disassembling procedure

Turn off the phone first. Press the power button continuously for 2-3 seconds to shut down the phone.
Using a plastic opening tool, pry open the back cover from the slit on the bottom right corner of the phone.
Using a plastic opening tool or finger, pull out the battery.
Remove the four 4.0mm Phillips #1 screws.
Starting from a corner, separate the panel from the frame using the plastic opening tool.
The volume button will pop out.
Unscrew the 3.6mm Phillips #0 screw from the motherboard.
Using a spudger, lift the black ZIF connector at the top left corner of the phone.
Pull the ribbon cable out of the ZIF connector.
When the ribbon cable is removed from the ZIF connector, peel off the power, sticky button using a plastic opening tool.
Peel off the volume sticky button.
Separate the screen cover from the motherboard using the plastic opening tool. And don't forget that your phone can mess up if u separate the motherboard from the screen coverMake sure that the LCD screen stays attached to the motherboard while doing this.