Friday, December 30, 2016

Kindle Voyage – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the screen

Insert a plastic opening tool between the plastic panel shown on the device.
Use the tool to pry the plastic away from the device.
There will be adhesive holding this piece of plastic to the device. You may have to pull pretty hard to get it separated.
Use an aluminum driver attached with a Phillips head size #00 to remove the four 3mm screws shown in the picture.
Once the screws are removed, the back panel can slide off the device.
Remove the magnetic component with the magnetic head of the aluminum driver.
Use a spudger to push up the black tabs on all three ribbon cables.
Once the tabs are open, gently pull the ribbon cables out of their housings.
Insert a plastic opening tool into the small crack between the screen and the front panel.
Work your way around the screen until you can pry it all the way open.
There is adhesive holding the screen to the front panel, so you will need to apply some pressure to completely separate the two.
Once the screen is free of the front panel, pull the loose ribbon cables through the openings in the bottom of the screen.
Lift the screen off of the front panel.