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Samsung washing machine - WF331ANW - WF331ANR– Service mode – EEPROM check – Error codes causes and solution – Home appliances repair and solutions

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Contents of this article 

  • How to access service mode 
  • Quick test mode 
  • Error code cause and solution 

Samsung WF331ANW - WF331ANR

Quick Test Mode:
To enter press Soil, Signal, & Power simultaneously with the power off.
1. All LED’s light up and the washer beeps as it enters the Quick Test Mode.
2. The unit displays the software version.
3. After the displaying the software version, turn Jog dial CCW until version disappears.
Press Spin to test Door Lock/Unlock circuit.
Press Temp Key (with door locked) to cycle through the Water Valves circuit test in this order: Pre, Bleach, Cold Main, Hot, Steam then off.
Press Soil Key to test the Heater
Press Signal Key to test the Pump
Spin Only option:
Power on, Press and hold Spin until display changes.
Press Spin to select spin time.
Press Start/Pause to start cycle, Normal Cycle 10/12 minutes, Heavy Duty Cycle 11/13 minutes, Delicate Cycle 8 minute. Spin speed varies with cycle.
EEPROM Clear Check
Power off, Press Delay Start, Signal and Power Key at the same time. Good = Good Fail = FAIL All memory will be cleared, including Fault Codes This should be done when a new Main PCB is installed
Fabric Softener Dispenser Test:
Start Rinse and Spin Cycle. After fill is completed remove detergent drawer, place towel below opening and within 3 minutes the dispenser will activate
Service Mode:
This mode allows more detailed operation tests and troubleshooting, to enter press Signal & Delay Start simultaneously with the power on.
While in Service Mode (the Service Mode can be entered while the unit is in a wash cycle) the following tests can be performed:
Quick Spin Test = Delay Start & Pre Wash: This accelerates the drum motor from 0 to maximum RPM over a few minutes.
 Press the Start/Pause button during the test to hold its spinning speed up to 10 min. before going back to Quick Spin Test Mode, return to spin with Delay Start & Pre Wash.
Cycle Count = Press the Signal button to see how many times the unit was used
Soft Ware # = Press the Soil Level button to see the software version information
Fault Code Test = Press the Pure Cycle button to view the stored fault codes – then turn Dial to view error codes (Push Start/Pause while the code is displayed to view the number of cycles since the error occurred, push Start/Pause again to get back to faults)
Peripheral (Main PCB) input Tests, enter Service Mode & press Spin key. 
1. Turn the Dial so that the Steam LED is turned on. Next, press the Start/Pause
Key. Temperature will be displayed in Fahrenheit .
2. Turn the Dial so that the Cold/Cold LED is turned on. Next, press the Start/Pause Key. The door switch status will be displayed (CL if Closed, OP if Open).
3. Turn the Dial so that the No Spin LED is turned on. Next, press the Start/Pause Key. The door lock Switch status will be displayed (UL if unlocked, LO if locked).
4. Turn the Dial so that the Light LED is turned on. Next, press the Start/Pause Key. The
Water Frequency will be displayed.
Water Level Sensor   LE 8   
Check for water to the valves, clogged valve screens, defective valve
solenoid coils. Check the water level / pressure sensor Check for 120VAC to the valve. Motor Drive Error or
Hall Sensor error   3E bE 25 E3
Check the motor drive connector, it may be loose. The hall sensor may be disconnected, loose or damaged . Check for a foreign object inside the motor or motor damage. The stator might be loose or damaged. The drum might be overloaded from too many clothes or the relay or PCB might be defective
Water Supply Error nF 3   
Check the water valve wiring harness.
Check whether the water supply valve is clogged with foreign material and whether water is supplied properly.
Check for reversed fill hoses
Check water temperature, if sensed as higher than 50 ˚C in the Wool or Lingerie cycle it will create error.
Check the relays, if they operate correctly replace the Main PCB.
Fill Hoses Reversed nF1 
Correct Hot/Cold hose connections
Drain Error nd        
Check for Foreign material entering the pump or hoses.
Check to make sure the wiring harness is connected properly.
Check the water pump terminal .
Check for freezing.
The water level fails to drop below the Reset Water Level within 30 minutes.
Power Error 2E
Make sure to check the operating voltage. (An error occurs when under or over voltage is supplied.) Check whether a plug receptacle is used. When the connecting wires are too small (extension cord use), a momentary low voltage may drop up to 10 V Main PBA fault (sometimes)
Door Error ds(Before operation)
Check the door switch and latch alignment . 
Check the latch for damage
Check the wiring harness to the latch.
Check the door switch. Replace if faulty.
Check the main PBA door sensing circuit. Replace if faulty.
Finally verify the operation of the Main PCB